Iím looking for anyone that would have information on Zion School in Lucas county. (nickname Frogpond ) The school was located about 3.5 miles east of Williamson. If you have any information.....


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Tis a sound from the past that resounds in our ears,        
And old memories wake at its tone,
Coming back, like a dream, from the slumbering years,
With the scenes that have faded but stayed;
The home of our childhood, where fancy still strays,
And the friends we had known there so well
Come again, with a vision of sunshiny days,
At the sound of the old school bell.

The little white schoolhouse that stood in the valley,
And the yard where we gathered at play,
The meadows and fields beyond, where the farmers would rally
Flowing out to the woods far away,
The solemn schoolroom, where we labored to learn,
Our teacher and playmates all seem to return
At, the sound of the old school bell.

'Neath the old oak tree, inscribed with our names,
Light of heart, we would joyously swing
And together we'd play those familiar old games
Till we heard the impatient bell ring;
But when lessons were over, then happy and free,
We would roam to some neighboring dell
Where the echoes that doubled our laughter and glee,
Brought no sound of the old school bell.






... Teacher's 1904 - 1957

Leah Sims, Ina Crowley, Flora Tool, Edith Dale
Vera White, Maude Cloe, Flossie Carson
Cecil Knox, Ella Swanson, Cleta Whitlatch
Lida McMannis, Adda McMannis, May Clauson
Ruth Goltry, Vernie Eaton, Mae Shore
Bernice Robuck, Ethel Price, Rhoda Bingaman
Earl Hopkin, Marie Hooker, Alice Roddy
Pauline Blizzard, Kathryn Fluke, Warren Dachenbach
Alta Cox, Anna Mae Keeney, Esther Brown

Regina Scieszinski, Alberta Colver
Mary Griffith, Beulah Blouse
Delores Johnson, Agnes Barron
Pauline Morgan, Doris Horner
Naomi Walker, Clara Borger
Phyllis A. Davis, Cleta Hall

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